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Steve R.


Just a real THANK YOU for your help yesterday. "GREAT COMPANY"

Paige S.


Jeff & Brad are awesome!!! Jeff towed us out of Yellowstone National Park, got us to a great hotel in our price range and picked us up the next morning so we could get a new rental car. It really took the stress off a scary situation. Brad was really helpful and walked us through all our payment options. Excellent customer service & Montana hospitality. Thank you!!

Todd C.


Yesterday my car broke down in Livingston after my battery and alternator went kaput. My mother in law called brad at 11pm last night and he was quick to get right on this for me! He showed up at 7:30 am at my hotel, diagnosed the problem and changed the battery within 30 minutes. After the battery was installed we found that the alternator wasn't working either so we were able to get my car to their shop. The guys made time for this major inconvenience and got me back on the road and home today! I am so thankful for their amazing customer service and willingness to help! The price was very fair and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the area who needs help! Thank you all for your quick response and assistance! Oh and did i mention i was traveling alone with 3 small children and a dog and these guys willingly gave me a ride back to my hotel , kids dog and all while we waited for our car to be finished!

Carol & Richard L.


Truck dropped a drive shaft after a universal let go while towing a 5th wheel trailer. These folks were here within 15 minutes and got both truck and trailer back to their shop! Talk about SERVICE with a smile! Thank you Levi and Hector and Amy! You folks are a class act! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Jeni L.

The team at Whistler Towing & Truck repair are superb! They went above & beyond our expectations. They were professional, knowledgeable & efficient! They have the ability to tow ANY vehicle! Their team of tow truck operators & mechanics are top notch!! Would give them 100 stars if the option was available!! Would strongly recommend them to everyone - locals or those passing through needing their services!

Charlie C.

I'm from out of town and my truck broke down on Friday evening. Brad from Whistler came out and towed us all to the shop and he dropped me off at a local motel. Brad is a awesome guy and turned a otherwise stressful situation around! Thanks Whistler towing.

Chad S.

I can't say enough good about Whistler Towing Ken, Amy, Tanyr, Keith, Blake, Brad, Hector, Lenny. Professional tow truck drivers, Great diesel mechanics, and have gotten me out of so many vehicle binds it's not even funny. If I need a vehicle repair I don't even think about it I call Whistler and they get it done right.

Jackie D.

This place was fantastic their customer service was beyond what I expected and was much needed considering the situation I was in, they were lifesavers.